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Finding a Theme

The first step, and most important decision you'll make, in establishing a Web presence is finding a theme for your blog or site.

Although the Web gives everyone access to a global audience, it's a pretty overcrowded space, and continually becoming more so. In 2008 Google estimated the number of individual web pages is increasing by several BILLION pages per day. This means you have to come up with something worthwhile in order to stand out from the cacophony of dross that forms the bulk of cyberspace.

The adage "content is king" was coined for the Web by Bill Gates in 1996. It is content that most surfers seek, and plain old text-based content that is indexed by search engines that lead most seekers to their destination. It is quality of content that keeps visitors on a site, and prompts return visits and all-important links from other sites.

A common mistake in creating money-making blogs/sites is to look for the seemingly most profitable products, and to develop a theme around these. The problem is that, however potentially profitable the product/theme, if you lack passion and knowledge in this area you will struggle to produce, and keep producing, the original, quality content necessary for success.

With the above in mind it is clear that the most successful theme(s) for your site(s) (you don't have to be limited to one) will be the topics you know and love best. A defining characteristic of human beings is our uniqueness. Everyone is different, and everyone's experience is a different story to tell.

Chris Anderson came up with the concept of The Long Tail to describe the virtually unlimited shelf space of cyberspace. In the real world physical constraints limited the number of possible offerings, but online no such constraints apply.

By finding a theme that reflects your passions you will have no shortage of inspiration for original, quality content. By identifying and carving out your personal niche, the sheer volume of global Web users will ensure you find an audience hungry for your particular message.

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