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Introduction to Article Marketing

Author: Noble Dennie, Sr.

Admittedly, article marketing may sound like something complicated, but on a very basic level, it really isn't. The one and only aim of article marketing is to get visitors to visit your website through the backlink of a submitted article.

Of course, in order to successfully do that, it isn't enough to just submit tons and tons of articles and then hope that people click the backlink. True, if you went by the quantity over quality approach then you'd probably end up getting a couple of visitors here and there, but it would be more time consuming, and less effective, than going about it the smart way.

Really, the only reason that people tend to flop at article marketing is simply because they don't think it through from the get go.

So, in order to avoid going through the same tedious rigmarole, we're going to look at article marketing from the ground up; from the theory right down to the practice. By doing so, you should end this eBook with a firm grasp of what you need to go out there and do, and how you can do it.

Basic Theory of Article Marketing

"What do you think is involved in article marketing?" If you were to pose that question to a group of beginners who are just starting out, 9 out of 10 will probably say that it just involves submitting articles to article directories.

While that isn't wrong, it is only part true.

Submitting an article to an article directory would get it on the internet. That part is what's correct. But, it won't mean that the article will actually get viewed, and it also won't mean that people will click the backlink.

Basically, you could end up with 1,000 articles that each get 1 view a day since no one can find the article, and getting a total of maybe only 10 click-throughs. Which is why, the basic ‘dummies' theory of article marketing is this:

  1. Position your articles where they can be found
  2. Write headlines that gain attention
  3. Evoke interest in the article body
  4. Call to action in the resource box
  5. Get more visitors to visit your article

Chances are, unless you've done article marketing before, you probably didn't understand any of that. Let's take a look at them one by one.

Using Keywords to Position Your Articles

In a nutshell, keywords are just words or phrases that people use to search for anything and everything online. Seeing as we're getting the nomenclature out of the way, ‘keyword density' is the amount of a certain keyword per 100 words.

Keywords are important – that can't be stressed enough. Considering that search engines are still the primary way in which people look for anything on the internet, it means that people who are looking for things in whatever niche you're in, are going to be doing so on search engines.

Thus, when talking about positioning your articles, it essentially means positioning them in the relevant searches, so that they're more likely to be found by the right people.

What happens if this isn't done? Well, say you had an article about blogging for money, but it didn't contain any keywords that are being searched for a decent amount of times per month. In this sort of case, there would be no way that anyone would find your article, and so it would go pretty much unread and unattended.

Admittedly, for long articles there inadvertently ends up being a keyword used here or there, but for reliable results, you're going to want at least a 1% keyword density (but not more than 3%).

First though, you're going to have to find the keywords that you intend to use.


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