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Understanding the Web and Making Money Online

First conceived in 1989 by Tim Berners Lee as a means of sharing scientific data, the World Wide Web has arguably become one of mankind's most significant developments.

Realizing much of Vannevar Bush's vision of capturing and organizing human knowledge, the Web touches us socially, politically, commercially and educationally. Never before has so much information been generated and made available on a daily basis. Never before has the lone individual had a voice to address the world.

from Web to Wealth guides you through the Web, showing you not just how to navigate what's there, but also how to become part of it and use it to generate income, from a few dollars spare cash to making a great living online.


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Building a Web site: CMS, Framework or DIY

Making Money from the Web

The number of ways to make money from the Web are virtually unlimited, but tend to fall into certain broad categories.

To make money, you generally need to sell a product. This product may be:

  • physical, ie something you have to box up and ship to the customer; or
  • digital, ie something (eg an ebook) that can be delivered instantly online

The product can be:

  • your own, ie you design, produce, or source, and then ship it yourself; or
  • someone else's, ie you typically act as an agent for the supplier, most commonly as an Affiliate Marketer, and take a percentage of any sales.

Good money can also be made from carrying advertising. This can take many forms, with the most well-known being Google's Adsense program.

Making money online needs traffic, ie people visiting your site. But not just any people. To generate a worthwhile income you need to attract targeted and motivated visitors. Target traffic is maximized by Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ie taking steps to ensure your site/page(s) are highly ranked for relevant searches on search engines such as Google, and the increasingly common technique of Social Network Marketing through sites such as Facebook and Twitter.